Neyshalie Rodríguez

Lower Elementary Science/History Specialist

As a former student of Freedomland Christian Academy, Neyshalie Rodríguez returned as a staff member in 2017. She has collaborated with the student council and afterschool and summer programs creating memorable activities for years to come. She is currently implementing an engaging educational plan for history and science subjects for lower elementary children.

Gabriela Figueroa

Upper Elementary Science/History Specialist

Gabriela Figueroa has worked for Freedomland Christian Academy since 2014. She is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Mrs. Miranda successfully implements skills obtained from FLOCS creating an engaging educational plan for history and science subjects for higher elementary grades.

Pedro Torres

PE Coach

Pedro Torres graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Ana G Mendez with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 2017. He has been a Physical Educational instructor at Freedomland Christian Academy since 2012. Mr. Torres is also certified as a Master Physical Instructor through the U.S. Army elite 82nd Airborne Division in which […]

Laura Gomez

Art Teacher

Laura Gomez is a certified photography technician graduated from the Interamericana University of Puerto Rico. She has over 15 years of graphic design experience and has been working with Freedomland Christian Academy since 2009. She has successfully guided students’ designs through competitions while motivating them to make these their creations remarkable.

Edgard Colon

Music Specialist

Edgard Colon was a former performer of Gala Recitals at the University of San German, Puerto Rico where he studied Education in Music. He has been part of Freedomland Christian Academy’s Music Department since 2013. Mr. Colon eagerly focuses on developing cognitive and motor abilities through the use of music.

Esther Cordero

Middle/High Mathematics Specialist

Esther Cordero has been a teacher at Freedomland Christian Academy since 2011. She is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education. Although she has taught all subjects thought elementary grades, she has excelled in teaching Mathematic concepts at a middle and high school grade level. Mrs. Cordero in appreciated and sought by her […]

Susan Merari Diaz

Lower Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Susan M Diaz graduated of Sistema Universitario de Ana G Mendez Orlando as Magna Cum Lade in 2017, with a Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing. She earned her Registered Nurse License after succeeding the FL NCLEX Examination within that same year. Mrs. Diaz has been part of Freedomland Christian Academy since 2013, actively collaborating not […]

Beverly Ortiz

Upper Elementary Language Art Specialist

Beverly Ortiz has been a proud FCA staff member since 2010. She is a member of ILCS and trained in different curriculums that are designed to form abilities of composition, and deeper knowledge of American and World Literature. Mrs. Beverly’s expertise includes Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing and Public Speaking. In a fun creative way, she […]

Shaira D. Tolentino

Lower Elementary Language Art Specialist / School Principal Assistant

Shaira D. Tolentino obtained a BA degree in 2001 concentrating in Elementary Education, which allowed her to work in private and public Education Systems for six years. In 2006, she began working with the Orange County Public Schools teaching Bilingual, Dual, and Mainstream Programs with Kindergarten and 1st-grade students. In 2009, she completed an MA […]

Suhail Morales

Suhail Morales has been a significant part of Freedomland Christian Academy since 1999. Throughout the years, she has positively collaborated as an Elementary Teacher and Early Child Care director. She has successfully obtained the FCCPC and ILCS certifications and envisions to educate for years to come.

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